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29th July 14
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William Blake and Romanticism

Wilfred Owen's luggage


'Acts themselves alone are history........History is imaginative material to be synthesised into form, not memory to be reflected upon.'



Compare to Marx-much later-'Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways;the point,however,is to change it.'



Liberty leading the people



The Enlightenment is also known as the Age of Reason.
Rousseau/Locke /Paine etc subscribe to the notion of such a static (Platonic ideal)  guiding us to correct decisions about the world. Wollstonecraft suggests that Reason is not static it 'evolves' and changes. Blake takes this further and sees the concept as restricting and ultimately as just a word  (an abstract concept devoid of human ineraction or empathy)to control cf Mercy pity peace and Love



The age of chivalry is gone. Never never more shall we see that proud submission that dignified obedience.

The Supreme Being sees a whole nation grappling with all the oppressions of the human race .................Hatred of tyranny burns in our hearts.  Is it not he whose immortal hand...........
He did not create kings to devour the human race, he did not create priests to harness us like vile animals.....He created men to help each other,to love each other mutually....Evil belongs to the depraved man who oppresses his fellow man.

 Compare to a collapsed TYGER
( 'Tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction')

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Frontpiece to Experience


Frontpiece to Innocence