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23rd July 14
Trail : home / Subjects / English / Teachers / Mr Foley / year 13 / WAR / poetry ww1 : Carola Oman

Carola Oman


'Unloading Ambulance Train'

             Into the siding very wearily
She comes again:
                              Singing her endless song so drearily,
                                              The midnight winds sink down to drift the rain.

                        So she comes home once more.

      Is it an ancient chanty
                      Won from some classic shore?
               The stretcher-bearers stand
  Two on either hand.
              They bend and lift and raise
               Where the doors open wide
         With yellow light ablaze.
  Into the dark outside
                 Each stretcher passes.  Here
    (As if each on his bier
                     With sorrow they were bringing)
              Is peace, and a low singing.

    The ambulances load,
            Move on and take the road.
   Under the stars alone
            Each stretcher passes out.
             And the ambulances' moan
                   And the checker's distant shout
         All round to the old sound
         Of the last chanty singing.
                   And the dark seamen swinging.
              Far off some classic shore...

                    So she comes home once more.